Gambling Stories

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Where there are gambling and casinos, there are some incredible stories of amazing wins, losses and everything in between.

Here we take a look at some of the most amazing gambling stories that have made the headlines over the years.

Twice in a Lifetime Luck

We all dream of that one big life-changing jackpot win but here we tell the story of Elmer Sherwin's amazing double Megabucks multi-million dollar jackpot wins. Find out more about the man who was lucky enough to hit the jackpot twice in his lifetime!

The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

Imagine winning $15 million from casinos in just a few short months and $6 million in just one night. That's exactly what Don Johnson did playing blackjack in Atlantic City casinos, find out how he did it here.

The man who beat the Las Vegas Casinos and handed back $1 million in winnings

Imagine winning $1 million at a Las Vegas Casino and then giving it all back! One man did just that! Find out just how Irish Mentalist David Meade accomplished this supposedly impossible feat and why he returned the money.

The lucky CEO who dropped $300k on dinner after a big Las Vegas Win

How much would you have to win to drop $300k on dinner in Las Vegas? Find out just how lucky Vice CEO Shane Smith really was at the Las Vegas Blackjack Tables recently to enjoy such an indulgence.

Would you spend a year slimming down to win a weight-loss bet? This man did!

Patrick Barnes' placed a £100 wager on his own weight-loss at William Hill Casino and spent the next year of his life working towards trying to achieve his goal - find out whether or not he ended up a losing the weight or just losing his money.

The man who believes that betting on everything in life is an essential condition

Playboy, trustfund baby and professional gambler Dan Bilzerian lives a charmed life and believes that betting on everything is essential which makes for some pretty amazing gambling stories and wild adventures.

The man who gambled away over $100 million

Suddenly receiving a massive fortune can change your life, for Terry Watanabe it lead him to a year long drinking and gambling stint at Las Vegas Casinos that lead to unheard of losses at Harrah's Casino which totalled over $100 milllion in gambling debts.

The man who bet everything he owned

Would you ever sell all you owned and bet the entire amount on a single bet at the Roulette table? That's exactly what Ashley Revell did. Find out how it all worked out here..

The Grandma who beat the odds

Meet Patricia Demauro, the Grandma who beat the odds at an Atlantic City Craps table and broke the world record for the longest craps roll in history.

The Gamble that Saved FedEx

Did you know that express delivery giant FedEx owes its success to Fredrick W. Smith taking a gamble at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas in a last minute attempt to save his company.

The man who played 115 hours of poker

Discover Phil Laak's amazing Guiness World Record attempt for the longest consecutive hours of poker play.

The babysitter who went from rags to riches on her first Vegas visit

Jessica Agbunag's entire life changed with a single spin on her first visit to Las Vegas. Find out exactly how she won millions here.

The 8 year old who won $500,000 dollars playing online poker

Eight year old Aashish Nanak won $500,000 in an online poker tournament which ended in a legal battle with the poker room in question due to the fact that he was under age.

Grandfather wins £125,000 betting on Grandson's future

Read the amazing gambling story of Peter Edwards who placed a £50 bet on his grandson's future football career that took over 13 years to materialize, earning him a whopping £125,000.

Buffett backs $1 billion NCAA tournament prediction prize

It's the largest competition prize ever offered, $1 billion to the contestant/s who can correctly predict the winners in each game of the NCAA tournament and the prize pool is backed by none other than Warren Buffett.

Floyd Mayweather bets on LeBron

Floyd Mayweather is knows as the "Money" Man - not only for his extravagant lifestyle but also for his amazing gambling habits. In 2013 Mayweather bet $5.9 million on a single NBA basketball game whose outcome left people stunned.

Michael Jordan's Wildest Gambling Stories

Michael Jordan is an avid gambler who has been the source of more than a few entertaining gambling stories over the years. Here we take a look at some of his finest moments and tales.

The biggest movie bet ever made

What do you get when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg agree to bet on the success of their movies? The highest stakes movie bet of all time of course! Find out who lost $40 million!

Biggest Casino Cheaters of All Time

The majority of casino games ensure a house edge for casinos, but here we take a look at the infamous people who beat the casinos by cheating and how they pulled it off, making a name for themselves in the history books.