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Card Counting in Blackjack

Unlike Slots, Blackjack is a game of skill and as such there are a variety of betting strategies and systems that can be employed to maximise winning outcomes during a game.

Card Counting is probably the best known "system" when it comes to Blackjack and is a mathematical strategy which involves keeping track of every card dealt in order to determine which cards are still in the deck and may possibly be dealt in the near future. There are also a number of "sub-systems" or "schools" within the card counting fold including KO count, Hi Lo count and the Hi Opt I and II counts.

Card counting also recently gained a great deal of scope due to the focus on it in the recent highly acclaimed blackjack themed movie 21. While Card counting can be done at land based casinos it is not an option at online casinos due to presence of Random number generators, so check that option at the door and rather stick to solid game play strategy.

There are also a number of systems advertised on the internet which often have high associated purchase costs, and for the most part these are scams, with the information being contained in these systems not increasing your chances of winning any more than the free tips available at reputable online gambling review sites like

Other popular blackjack strategies