Online Blackjack FAQ's


Blackjack or 21 is a popular casino game that attracts a great deal of interest among casino patrons as well as large number of questions regarding the game. It is for this reason that we have put together a list of Blackjack FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

It is our hope that this article will not only broaden your knowledge base about this riveting skill game but also assist you in learning more about successful game play so that you can improve your chances of winning the bets you make.

Q. Does blackjack really offer the best odds at casinos?

A. With the exception of some video poker machines that offer a 100% return in certain cases, Blackjack offers some of the best odds of all table games at the casino BUT that is only if you play according to sound basic blackjack strategy. It also depends on the blackjack variation that you play, so always review the rules and odds before you play so that you select the best variation available. For example, single deck Vegas Strip Blackjack games that allow you to double after you split can give you a 0.1% advantage if you play according to solid strategy.

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Q. Are land based and online blackjack games the same?

A. When it comes to odds, game play and rules of a specific variation of blackjack, the answer is yes. Some online blackjack games do however offer additional features and lesser known variations than their land based counterparts.

Q. Can online blackjack games be manipulated? After all there is no shuffling of cards!

A. The answer is that even though decks of cards in online blackjack games are no manually shuffled, the game is cannot be manipulated as the games are run by Random Number Generators (RNG's) that randomly distribute cards, making the games as fair and random as their land based versions.

Q. Are online blackjack tournaments purely luck based?

A. Unlike standard blackjack games, luck does play more of a factor in determining the overall winner of an online blackjack tournament. You can however improve your odds by implementing an effective betting pattern. Winning in a blackjack tournament requires you to obtain the largest chip stack of all entrants; this means that you need to place maximum bets for advantage plays and minimum bets when you are dealt low odds hands.

Q. Are progressive jackpot blackjack games a good option?

A. While progressive jackpot blackjack games do offer the opportunity to win far greater amounts of money than any of the standard game variations, the odds on these side bets are terrible (often with house edges upward of 40%) so playing these will mean that you lose far more than you win over the long run.

Q. Can you count cards in online blackjack?

A. No. Card counting is not possible at online casinos due to the fact that the game is governed by a Random Number Generator which shuffles cards after every hand, rendering card counting useless. If card counting is the only way that you play then it's best to stick to land based casinos.

Q. Which is better – single hand or multi-hand blackjack games?

A. If all other things are equal, it is always preferable to play the single hand version of a particular blackjack game. It is however important to check on the rules as some online casinos may alter the rules on single hand blackjack games to counter the advantage offered by these.

Negative rules include allowing the dealer to hit on soft 17, prohibiting doubling after splitting, and only allowing you to split on two hands. Be on the lookout for these and if you find them, rather opt for a different game or another online casino.

Q. Can other players affect my long term expectation and should I avoid multi-player blackjack games?

A. Other players do not affect your long term expectations and their actions can help you as much as they hurt you in the game. You may experience some tilt as a result of annoyance with other players' mistakes and if you are prone to this type of thing you should avoid multi-player games if you cannot control your emotions but ultimately the way that other players play does not affect your odds.

Q. What is the best blackjack system?

A. Card counting is the best system when playing at land based casinos but the truth is that there is no system that will ensure that you win every bet you make when playing blackjack online. The best online blackjack system is to learn basic blackjack strategy and play accordingly at all times. Fight the urge to deviate from this strategy even if you are winning.

Q. What is the secret to winning at blackjack

A. The secret to maximising your winning potential in a game of blackjack is to learn to adapt your game play to take advantage of situations as they arise. This requires that you are able to balance your skill with your bankroll and the risks of the game. Click here for more information on how to do this in our winning blackjack tips section.