Roulette Systems

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You've read that Roulette is a game where the outcomes are largely based on luck, but there are many, many sites, adverts and infomercials that will tell you different and make all kinds of claims and promises regarding their winning strategies. They will even offer to share these "secrets" with you ...for a price that is.

It really is not worth investing good money in either Roulette or Blackjack systems, as they cannot provide you with the magnitude of skill that it would take to override the element of chance, and you'll probably end up spending money only to lose more as you attempt to put these systems into practice.

The only winning system in Roulette is to stick to keeping the house edge to an absolute minimum by the selection of certain games, like European Roulette and employing the "best practice" of elements which will increase your winning potential as far as possible, as detailed in our Winning Roulette Tips section.

In doing this you'll stand a greater chance at winning with the only cost being the bankroll with which you play at the casino.