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Floyd Mayweather bets $5.9 million on LeBron

Floyd Money Mayweather

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is almost as well known for his love of gambling as he is for professional boxing. His love of sports betting is well documented across the media and is even the focus of the HBO series 24/7 where we see him happily picking up his winnings at the casino after an average night of gambling.

Back in June 2013 however Mayweather outdid even himself when he wagered a whopping $5.9 million on the Heat in Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Finals tournament. Given that his estimated net worth is $140 million, this bet meat that he put 4.2% of his earnings on the line for a single basketball game. This may not sound like a lot in the greater scheme of things when you have that much money in the bank but put it into perspective by working out what 4/2% of your total savings is (divide by 25 for a quick estimate) and then think about whether or not you'd be willing to risk your hard earned money in the same way? [>

Even with LeBron on the court you may find it difficult to potentially part with your money in the way that Mayweather did. Luckily for him though he won that bet and walked away with a cool $5 million profit.

Some will argue that it was a relatively solid bet because as of the 19th of June 2013 the Heat had not lost any back to back games for just over 5 months, The Pacers had just beaten the Heat in game 6 and game 7 was in Miami and even though the spread was against the Pacers at -7, Floyd's hunch paid off in a big way.

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