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Online Sportsbooks offering Prop Bets on the upcoming Mayweather ‐ Pacquiao Fight

The highly anticipated, upcoming fight between the undefeated Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is being touted as the "Fight of the Century" and has received a whirlwind of media coverage of late. As is to be expected, the fight is a huge deal in the gambling world too; with leading online sportsbooks like William Hill who also operates William Hill Casino Club allowing fight fans to get in on the action by offering a number of fight related bets.

Floyd Money Mayweather who has quite the gambling history himself, is of course the favourite in the build up to the match, yet the betting action to date has heavily favoured the southpaw Filipino, Pacquiao. In fact, the one-sided wagers in Pacquiao's favour have resulted in some sportsbooks dropping his odds and raising Mayweather's instead. However, here we'll take a look at the first round of prop bets that were initially released.

In the initial stages leading up to the fight, sportsbooks have released Round Betting and Fight Outcome odds. We're sure that we'll see a number of more fantastical prop bets being offered closer to the fight, but for now, these are your options.

Most popular sportsbooks are giving punters the option of betting on whether the fight will go the full 12 rounds or not. As it currently stands, the full round fight bet is a favourite at 1:3, with fight stoppage bets coming in as the underdog at 23:10. There's nothing to raise an eyebrow at with these odds as most boxing experts believe that the fight's outcome will be left to the judge's decision.

For less predictable betting odds, you may want to consider the "Fight Outcome" prop bet, which offers five wagering options, yet here again, Mayweather emerging as the victor is once again the firm favourite at 10:13 which is the only option under even odds.

Those rooting for the PacMan will be happy to see that the sportsbooks give him a likely change of scoring a decision in his favour at 4:1 odds, or that a stoppage or disqualification will take place at 4:1 over a Mayweather stoppage at 5:1. Odds on the fight ending in a draw or technical draw are also offered at 16:1.

And if you're looking for the prop bet with the least predictable odds, you may want to consider Round Betting and taking a guess at how many rounds these boxing greats will fight. The odds on these bets range widely from 33:1 to 50:1 in favour of both fighters. According to those in the know, due to the fact that both fighters haven't fought any matches where they didn't go the distance, it's a long shot to bet on a stoppage in this match up.

The beauty of boxing however is that you simply never know and just one well-landed blow can end the fight at any minute. One thing's for sure though, it took way longer than any of us would have like to see this math up happen, and having some money down on it makes it all the more exciting.