How to become a Las Vegas Casino High Roller

Las Vegas Casino High roller

We've all heard about high rollers and casino whales that frequent the Las Vegas Casinos and the seemingly never ending lengths that casino hosts go to in order to attract these individual to the private gambling rooms of the various establishments.

With offers of private jet rides into the city, limo chauffeur service, cars, private performances from big names in the music industry, full RFB by invitation of their Las Vegas casino host/hostess, concert tickets and a host of other extravagances the high roller life is an appealing one. Which begs the question ‐ how do you become a Las Vegas casino high roller or whale?

This is something that many curious gamblers ask us on a regular basis, so here we take a look at exactly what it takes for Las Vegas Casinos to classify you as such and what you might expect in return for such a weighty title.

It is important to remember that the definition of a high roller differs from one country and casino to the next but basically, no matter where you go, the following principles will apply:

Arrive with a huge bankroll

Casinos work comps and player status on theoretical losses rather than actual losses, this means that the more you play the more you'll gain in the casinos eyes. You will have to bet big and often if you want to be considered a high roller but more than that to join the elite group of whales (of which there are only reportedly about 500 worldwide) you will need to be able to establish a line of credit to the value of $4 or $5 million.

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Play Big

As mentioned above you'll need to bet big and often, think around $100,000 or more per bet. This is because you'll be playing in the big leagues where billionaires like Kerry Packer, an Australian who has earned himself the reputation of being the world's highest stakes gambler plays seven hand of blackjack simultaneously at up to $375,000 a hand. According to reports, his losses amounted to $20 million in a single week-end in Las Vegas.

Earn a Reputation

Access to the high rollers room is by invitation only, but if you've proven yourself worthy of the status you won't have to ask for invitation ‐ the casino will already know who you are based on your past game play and theoretical losses and the host will contact you to invite you stay and play along with a number of added perks.

Master Baccarat

While this is not a "must", Baccarat is the richest game in the casino and is most often featured in the private high roller rooms of casinos often with no limits to cramp the high rollers style.

If you're not in the same league as high rollers, you can feel comforted in the fact that not many people are. True casino high rollers are a rare exception rather than the rule and if you're not a high roller you can still benefit by earning points that count towards earning some great comps by signing up the top Las Vegas casino loyalty programs and using your player card whenever you play.