A look at a Popular Short Term Betting Strategy

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Every gambler faces the ever present house edge when playing their favourite casino game. Even though the house edge in most games is not very high, it is still a factor and the longer you spend playing a particular game, the more it comes into play.

In an attempt to overcome the house edge, many players turn to betting strategies and systems. In this article we look at a very popular new strategy that is making the rounds and whether or not it would be a viable option for you.

The Single Betting Strategy

The single bet strategy is touted as the strategy to end all strategies when playing at casinos and involves you placing your entire bankroll on a single wager on even money bet. It may sound crazy but there is some method to the madness.

Supposing you play blackjack and wager your entire bankroll on one hand, making use of a strategy card for every play, the casino will only have a 0.5% house advantage. So in using the single bet strategy you are placing one large bet with a 49.5% chance of making a profit, which gives you close to a 50/50 chance of winning.

Other games also offer opportunities to place near even money bets, these include Craps where the pass line, don't pass line, come bets and don't come bets are the ones you'll want to play. If you place a pass line wager with double odds (which is an excellent single bet using this strategy) the house only has a 0.445% edge.

Advantages of the Single Bet strategy

Let's take a look at the pros of making use of the single bet strategy in your casino game play:

  • The long-term house advantage is eliminated
  • You have an equal chance of winning or losing with a single bet as this strategy dictates that you only place near even money wagers.
  • Winnings using this strategy are usually big due to the fact that you double your money
  • This is thrilling way to play your favourite casino games

Disadvantages of the Single Bet Strategy

As with all gambling strategies, the single bet strategy does have some drawbacks:

  • Game play time is limited due to the fact that you only place a single bet on your favourite casino game, this reduces the entertainment factor.
  • You will earn less loyalty points and comps playing this way.
  • This strategy takes a huge amount of self-discipline and control as you have to stop playing no matter how tempting it is to wager again.

While this strategy is an excellent one for those simply playing casino games to make money, for most gamblers whose primary aim is entertainment and enjoyment of their favourite games, this strategy really is a tortuous one.

Ultimately you will need to examine your goals before contemplating using this strategy. If you are a casual gambler who would like to hit it bit at the tables, then putting all of your money on a single bet may be very exciting, but if you want to stretch your bankroll out and really enjoy a game, it is better to place smaller bets, stick to basic strategy and methods where you'll earn more loyalty points and comps.