Can I use Bitcoin at Online and Mobile Casinos?

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Can you use Bitcoin at online and mobile casinos? The answer is that some casinos do offer it as a deposit and payment method. Should you be using it? The answer is no.

While this virtual currency is gaining momentum and popularity across the globe, it's still really in its infancy and when it comes to mixing it with online gambling, for the near future it's something you want to avoid.

The reason for this is that the majority of online casinos offering Bitcoin as a currency option are neither licensed nor regulated and as such cannot be trusted. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first is to do with the fact that Bitcoin is too volatile to be viewed as a viable currency, the second is to do with the legality of accepting Bitcoin gambling. While some casinos do in the US so that they can claim it's not really gambling because it uses "virtual currency", online casino groups with legitimate licenses in various countries have to maintain their integrity and comply with various laws, which means that they avoid all of the dubious grey areas in their business dealings and player offerings. At present, that includes offering Bitcoin as a casino payment method.

With the above in mind, the online and mobile casinos you do find that allow for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are not all necessarily rogue or blacklisted casino operations, but the majority are in their infancy. In a tough, highly competitive industry like online gambling, that should be of concern to you as a player as they may end up going under with any money you have owing to you (whether in wins or deposits) and you'll have very little recourse in recouping those funds.

Another reason you may want to avoid considering bitcoin casinos is that a simple Google search of "Bitcoin gambling scams" should scare you off enough to never want to visit the casinos that offer seemingly attractive bonuses and offers and then end up ripping you off. Sure this can happen with any payment method if you're not careful, but it's more likely to happen with Bitcoin at rogue casinos.

So until you see reputable, licensed casinos offering Bitcoin as a payment method, the best thing to do is to use another deposit option.