Avoid Casino Traps by Playing Online

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Whether you realise it or not, when you gamble at a land based casino you are exposed to a number of subtle yet well-designed physical and psychological traps to keep you playing and inevitably losing your hard earned cash.

Online casinos, while still in the business of making money from players, do not have quite so many tricks available to them and are therefore often the best places to play. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at some of the tricks that land based casinos employ to keep you gambling that online casinos simply cannot use:

Controlling your Environment

Once you enter a brick and mortar casino you are at their mercy so to speak because nothing is just random. Everything from the labyrinth floor plan to the location of your favourite casino games has been implemented to draw you in, get you to play and ultimately lose most, if not all of your money.

They control every aspect of your environment, from pumping in extra oxygen to ensuring that the aircon is always set to cook to keep you awake and active. Even the garish carpets and ambient lighting are designed to do just that. Clocks do not exist in casinos in the hope that you will lose track of time and not realise how long you've been playing for, while looping, hypnotic music gets you into repetitive betting rhythms without you even realising it.

Not to mention the fact that all services, the cashier and even the toilets are located in such a way that you generally have to make your way through the maze like floor plan, conveniently passing hundreds of blinking, shiny, noisy and attractive casino games to get to them.

Online casinos on the other hand, generally tailor their design to be as attractive as possible but there's nothing they can do about the general environment from which you access them and whether or not you become tired due to it.

The games lobby is not a labyrinth and you are able to access whatever facilities you are looking for with ease. Furthermore, you are able to see the time on your desktop (some online casinos even display the time on a pop-up screen at specific intervals as part of their responsible gambling policy so that you are aware of how long you've been playing). Online casino games are customisable with sounds and settings all at your fingertips, so not even the noise of slots paying out is a factor if you decide it shouldn't be. All in all, you are the master of your experience and many fewer factors play a role in getting you to play.

Plying you with drinks

Land based casinos often offer players complimentary food and drinks. The food keeps you from leaving the casino floor when you are hungry and the drinks, which are always alcoholic in nature keep lowering your inhibitions so that you will ultimately gamble and risk more.

Online casinos cannot really comp you with any other than bonuses which you can of course refuse, but nothing they offer will ever be able to influence your physical state of being and sound, sober decision making. Of course you can still drink while you play, which of course is not advised, but that will be your decision and not influenced by a casino at all.

Employing beautiful dealers and cocktail waitresses to distract you

Have you ever noticed that casinos are filled with attractive staff? This is often by design. Beautiful cocktail waitresses and dealers are specifically employed to distract players and keep them from playing optimally.

While online casinos now offer Live Dealer games with attractive dealers, for the most part they are distraction free because with the exception of the Live Dealer games, you are not interacting with any casino staff whose looks can take your attention away from your game.

As you can see from the above, it definitely pays to play at online casinos so visit Luxury Online Casino now!