Using a Proxy Server When Playing at Online Casinos

If you're someone who is technically savvy, you may use a proxy server for increased speed and security when browsing the web. If you've never heard of a proxy server on the other hand and are wondering what it is, a proxy server functions as an intermediary between a web browser and the internet and helps to increase performance by storing copies of frequently used webpages for faster access.

While there are plenty of legitimate uses for these servers, online casinos do not allow players to use them to play and even if you do play undiscovered by using one, when it comes to cashing out, you may find yourself experiencing issues. This is due to the fact that online casinos expressly forbid the use of proxy servers for play in their terms and conditions, which by playing and depositing at an online casino, you agree to, whether you like it or not.

Here we'll take a look at the issues surround online casino play using proxy servers and answer some of the most frequently asked questions on these.

Why can't I play at an online casino using a Proxy Server?

One of the main issues facing licensed and regulated online casinos operators is the legality of play in certain countries. In order to ensure that online gambling is offered only to players in countries where it is legal, they are required to identify the player's point of origin which is done by IP tracking. Another reason that online casinos do not allow the use of proxy's is that they generally only permit a single account per player or household. In order to control this, they again use IP tracking.

Proxy servers mask the users original IP address, making it impossible for the casino to track where they originate from and as such, would enable players to not only open multiple accounts, but also to play from prohibited parts of the world, both of which are a violation of online casino terms and conditions.

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Can I ever play using a Proxy Server?

If you're planning to make a deposit at an online casino, play for real money and withdraw any winnings you're lucky enough to make along the way, the answer to this question is no.

If a casino picks up that you're using a proxy, they can and will block you from playing in real-time if their software picks it up. Sometimes you will get past the initial security and be permitted to play, however each time you use a proxy it will use a different IP address, making it look like you are playing from multiple locations within your country or across the world, this will leave a record that casinos can follow up on later.

And of course, every time you want to cash out, casino staff will examine your player account to ensure that you have not violated any terms and conditions to which you have agreed by playing at their property and can deny your withdrawal request if they pick up that you've used a proxy or played from multiple locations using your account.

In the past, players who have only played practice games using a proxy and then played for real money without one have had withdrawals declined. So even if you get away with playing, it doesn't mean you'll get paid.

What About playing on Download Casino platforms?

A downloaded online casino running from your computer's hard drive will not be able to tell if you use a proxy server for other online activities, however if you use a proxy when you access the casino and connect to the internet, you may end up being caught.

But Dynamic IP's are in use all the time

The use of dynamic IP's is a reality that online casinos are well aware of, however these dynamic IP's originate from legitimate non-proxy Internet Service Providers (ISP's) which leaves a very different pattern to those from proxy servers. Here's how casinos can tell the difference:

  1. Proxy use will display as IP addresses from a variety of countries or cities appearing on the player's account within a short time frame.
  2. These IP addresses may match those that belong to other players at the casino
  3. Addresses from different ranges that usually appear on your player account will flag

But what if I play when I'm on holiday overseas or from a different device?

The majority of reputable online casinos will require that you update them with your device options and notify them if you plan to go on holiday and will be playing from a different location.

If you fail to do so, then you run the risk that your activity may come into question at the time of withdrawal or your account may simply be locked citing proxy use. When it comes to their own licensing and regulation, honest online casinos need to be above board at every turn and so they will be strict in enforcing their terms and conditions, so always rather be safe than sorry ‐ be honest, keep the casinos informed if you're changing devices or playing from a new location and if they aren't helpful in accommodating you on this (although most should be) then rather don't play until you're sure everything is in order. There is nothing worse than having issues when trying to cashout a big win.