Solutions to Common Gambling Dilemmas

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If you're a serious gambler you'll know that lady luck is not always on your side and you'll encounter a number of setbacks from big losses and losing streaks to bankroll limitations. Being a successful player means being able to whether these adversities and come out on the other side of them, so that you can not only continue to enjoy the games you play, but also end up with a positive bottom line.

So how exactly do you achieve that? We've put together some common dilemmas facing serious players and offer solutions from seasoned professionals to help you do just that.

Dilemma 1: Encountering a big loss

We all know that losing is a reality of gambling. After all, you're playing against the house and over the long term they do have the upper hand.

That said though, if you're betting at the upper range of your limit and face a tough loss, this can feel devastating. The situation can be compounded when you're playing according to a particular strategy or plan, for example a progression betting system, which means that this type of loss can derail you completely.

One of the top tips from professional gamblers is to leave your emotions out of your game play. But that's easier said than done. Still it's worth trying to master this as it will ensure that you make sound decisions based on fact and logic rather than feelings you have which are transient and can lead to even greater losses when followed in the heat of emotion.

Should you choose to continue playing rather than throw in the towel, opt to place small, conservative wagers until you regain your composure. Doing so will also reduce the impact of any further losses and give you a better chance of slowly recouping the big one you just experienced.

Dilemma 2: Losing Streaks

We've all experienced what felt like a losing streak, where no matter what we seemed to do we encountered one loss after the next.

If you're playing a skill based casino game like blackjack or video poker, the first thing you should do is examine your strategy and ensure that you haven't made any unforced errors. You may also have to evaluate whether or not to reconsider the duration of your gambling session based on where you are in your strategy. Early withdrawal is always an option, but not always the best one.

In the event that you're playing a sound game with no obvious errors, reduce your betting size in order to reduce the impact of the losses, so that you can ride the wave of variance and volatility until you hit an upswing once again. Keep in mind that gambling is not a science, but rather success lies in mitigating losses in an ever evolving process.

Dilemma 3: Loss of Confidence

If you've experienced one too many losses and feel like you're losing sight of your objectives and that all seems futile, know that you're not alone. Every gambler goes through this at one time or another.

You basically have two options - quit and play again when you're in a better frame of mind or remind yourself that you've had good times, played well, then re-focus on your plan and every time you gain ground, take note of it.

Dilemma 4: Limited Bankroll

Nearly every gambler experiences periods where their bankroll is limited or not large enough to bet the way we'd like to. Of course, it's always a good idea to have enough cash upfront to allow you to play through both the upward and downward swings caused by variance in a given time frame.

If however you find yourself running a little short, this can be remedied by simply adjusting your bets downwards or re-thinking your planned game play duration. It is important to make these adjustments early on so that you have enough to sustain a decent run and still achieve a desirable outcome.

Dilemma 5: Having to play elsewhere

If your usual casino moves, or closes down, or if you have issues with a particular online casino, you may need to play elsewhere, which can not only cause you emotional upheaval but also change the odds and outcomes of your game play strategy.

While this is an unfortunate and fairly rare event, occasionally players need to change venues for one reason or another. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to deal with it. Do you research and look for a casino that offers comparable or better odds on the game/s you like to play. Then simply pick up where you left off and you may find that the change is the best thing that could have happened to you.

As you can see from the above advice, there are a few main points - leave your emotions out of gambling and make decisions based on facts only, and most importantly, adjust and adapt where necessary.