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Slots are highly entertaining games that can provide you with hours of fun and the potential for some huge rewards on a single spin without the need to learn complex game play strategy. The only disadvantage to playing slots is the house edge that they carry is generally quite high in comparison to skill based table games.

In fact, depending on whether you choose to play slots at brick and mortar or online casinos, the house edge can range from anywhere between five and fifteen percent. That is not the best prospect for most players, especially when playing at land based casinos where the slot machines have higher edges. Yet, there is a silver lining in the form of slots comps which we'll discuss below.

Casinos Reward Loyal Players

As you probably already know, casinos offer good customers comps to reward them for their loyal patronage. These rewards differ from one casino to another which is why you should always research the best comps casinos for the games you play before you play. Land based and online casinos also reward their players differently with land based venues often giving out tangible perks like show tickets, a free meal or a free hotel room and online casinos giving out cash back offers, free spins or physical merchandise that their players can redeem with their accumulated points.

Regardless of what is on offer, it is important to note that some players will earn points way faster than others due the fact that casinos offer greater rewards to those playing games with a higher house advantage. This means that all comps differ depending on the casino game you are playing. For example, blackjack player who is facing a 1% house advantage will earn less comps than a slots player who is facing an 8% house edge.

Obviously the added rewards do not always make up the difference between the returns that a blackjack and slots player will receive respectively but they do help to offset some of your losses created due to the house edge and if you enjoy playing slots more than anything else, that is definitely a perk.

Slots Players Club Cards

While this doesn't really apply to online slots players due the fact that online casinos automatically enroll players into their loyalty programs from the minute they make their first real money deposit, at land based casinos you should always enroll in the players club and get your card before you play.

Then remember to always use it whenever you play so that they can track your game play and ensure that you get the rewards you have earned. As we have mentioned in other articles on the subject of comps, Slots Club Cards use the theoretical win principle to determine how much the casino is making off you and in turn, how to issue your comps. The general formula usually goes something like this:

Average Bet x Hours Played x Bets per Hour x House Edge

So if you play slots at $1 per spin, manage to get in 500 spins per hour on a slot machine with a 5% house edge and you end up playing for 4 hours, the casino's theoretical win would equate to $100. They will then reward you with a comp valued at a percentage of this loss. If you don't have a Club Card however, you will not receive the comp to offset this which would mean you would be the full $100 out of pocket! So always make sure that you are enrolled in a players club and using your card when playing slots.