Common Slots Comp Myths Debunked

There are a number of myths surrounding casino comps, especially as they pertain to slots play, many of which you've probably heard ‐ like using your player's club card when playing slots will lower the machines payout rate.

While many of these myths may seem harmless, believing them could cost you! So if you want to maximize the number of comps you get, it's definitely worth being informed of the facts.

Here we take a look at some of the most widely held myths surrounding comps and getting rewards when playing slot machines.

All you have to do is play – casino staff will find and Comp you

Many novice gamblers believe that members of the casino staff continually walk around looking for people to sign-up to their comp program and reward them. The truth however is that unless you win a huge jackpot or play the highest value slots for a long time, you will probably go unnoticed.

Instead of waiting for someone to magically appear, take the initiative and seek out the casino host or chat to the front desk about signing up for a player's card like the M Life program at MGM Resorts or Total rewards program from Caesars Entertainment. Once you receive it, use it every time you play and your points will add up, leading to comps. If you're not up for the effort then stick to online casinos where you're automatically enrolled in their loyalty programs as soon as you sign up, deposit and play and you will receive points from your very first bet!

Slots payout less when using a player's card

This is probably the most widely held myth when it comes to playing slots and receiving comps for doing so. The notion behind this is largely attributed to the fact that some players believe that it is the casino's best interest to minimize the sums of money that comp'd players make in order to compensate for the free money or perks which they receive.

The truth however is that slots payout rates are lower than many other casino games so on average they still make more money than they spend on the average loyalty card holder will when playing. This means that there is absolutely no motivation for casinos to program machines to payout less when cards are used. Additionally, it is illegal for casinos to do this and if they were ever caught doing so, their reputations would be ruined which would put them out of business. All things considered it's safe to say that this belief is a complete myth.

Theoretical wins are fair

Slots comps are dispensed according to the theoretical wins principle as most casinos believe that this is the fairest manner in which to distribute them. This means that they are giving out rewards to players who are theoretically spending money at their establishments.

So if you make $1000 in total bets on a casino game with a 90% payout rate you should get more comps than another player who bets $1000 on a slot with a 94% payout rate. The question is then raised as to what happens if you have a $200 bankroll and only wager $400 in total bets before it is lost and the other person plays long enough to bet $1500 before their $150 bankroll is lost? According to most casinos, in spite of the other player spending less of their own money and playing a better paying slot machine, they will also be in line to get more comps because they were luckier. This doesn't seem fair does it? Just goes to show that theoretical wins are not the best way to pay comps.

Time spent playing will determine your comps

This is another popular myth that is widely believed as it doesn't sound so far-fetched, especially since table games like blackjack do factor in the time a player spends playing when awarding comps. The major difference though is that table games do not have any type of electronic system that can monitor exactly how many wagers a player makes.

With the player's club card however, slot machines can monitor the exact amounts that a player bets. So if you play slowly in the hope that the casino will think you are spending more time playing, stop wasting your time! As we've already mentioned, casinos comp systems use the "theoretical win" calculation which takes into account your total wagers as well as the slot's payout percentage when awarding comps.

Slots players can make profits over the long term in some situations

Some slots player will have you believe that the perfect scenario exists and can be identified, namely playing a high paying slot machine at a casino that is very generous when it comes to awarding comps. These players also believe that they can make long term profits when playing under these circumstances.

The truth of the matter however is that unless a casino makes a huge mistake (which is rare) this scenario just doesn't exist. Casinos calculate the awarding of comps with solid mathematical precision which takes into account a slot machine's payout rate as they have to make a profit to stay in business. So give up hunting for the "holy grail" of casinos and slot machines and rather enjoy your slots play at a casino you like.