Advantage Play Methods for Slots

If you're an avid slots fan you've probably read more than a few articles on winning slots tips. Generally you'll find that most slots veterans agree that you should minimize your losses by selecting a slot machine with a good payout rate. While this is good advice, it is by no means a surefire way to make money because you do also have to have some luck to end up winning on slots over the long term.

As with most online casino games however, there are a number of advantage play methods that can be used to bring in long term profits when playing slots and it's worth learning these in order to help you to maximize your chances of winning over the long run. Here we take a look at two advantage play methods than when applied correctly could bring you some great wins.

Hunting Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot casino games with positive expected values are sought out by professional casino players thanks to the fact that they can yield some pretty generous payouts. As you probably know, these types of slot machines offer jackpots that increase with every qualifying bet made, hence the name "progressive jackpots". What many novice slots players don't realize is that in certain situations these types of slots reach a point where the player can benefit from a positive expected value (EV) on their wagers.

To capitalize on this you should try to play mini progressive jackpot games when you can find them. This is a low variance method of raking in money as you're playing for small jackpots of between $50 and $200. Watch the game carefully and only begin to play when the game begins to near the maximum jackpot payout and then step in to play. These games differ from the larger progressives in that they have to pay out near the maximum limit so you'll have to make fewer wagers to be eligible for a win if you step in later in the game.

You can also play the larger uncapped jackpots but these pose a greater difficulty when it comes to figuring out when they are likely to offer a positive Expected Value. Variance is also far greater and there are more people competing for the jackpot prize so you may need to form a team when hunting for progressive jackpots.

Knowing when to play Accumulator Machines

Certain slots offer an accumulator effect wherein large numbers of free credits or multipliers build up as you play them. As you accumulate these bonuses you will still be facing a negative Expected Value situation but playing these games is really a great deal of fun.

Many times in land based casinos, players don't realize that a slot machine is an accumulator and they've been working towards free spins and credits as they play. This will often mean that they leave their machine before receiving the rewards. If you happen to notice this situation taking place, you will be able to jump in and capitalize on it and reap the benefits of the positive expected value that the former player has created for you. While there is no guarantee of a win, over time you'll definitely see some good returns.

Unfortunately, there is no way to look out for accumulator slots and players making the mistake of leaving these too early when playing online so this tip is one that you'll have to reserve for land based casino slots play. Just a word of caution though – do not become a lurking player who annoys everyone or you may find yourself being removed from the casino altogether.

Ensure that you have a generous bankroll

Whether you intend to hunt the progressive jackpots or go after the accumulator slots, you'll need to have a generous bankroll on hand to fund your game play. This is because there is no guarantee of when the next payout will be due and you will have to manage your money well to survive any variance that occurs on the road to wins.

While it is difficult to specify a uniform amount when starting out as an advantage player due to the fact that coin denominations and the types of games you will play will differ, it is safe to start off with around $450 to $500 and plan your game play accordingly. Once you are comfortable with advantage play and methods you can increase or decrease your bankroll accordingly.