Selecting the Best Blackjack Variant

It is often said that playing Blackjack is an art that requires a little bit of luck and a whole lot of skill. While some players play just for fun, most of us are looking to enjoy ourselves while also maximizing our odds of winning the games we play. After all, who doesn't like to walk away with a tidy profit at the end of a great online gaming session?

With online casinos offering so many blackjack variants, it is important to know how each games works and the rules that govern is as this will affect the outcomes and odds of the game.

Here we'll discuss the best blackjack games currently available online beginning with the variants that will offer the lowest house edge and ascending in order.

Blackjack Games with the lowest House Edge

If you're serious about earning solid returns on your blackjack play, stick to the games listed below in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Classic Blackjack by Microgaming

Microgaming's Classic Blackjack game should always be your top choice when choosing an online blackjack game as it is played on a single deck of cards, has simple rules where you are allowed to double down on hands valued at nine to eleven, and the dealer stands on Soft 17. As any seasoned blackjack player knows, this combination not only makes it an extremely attractive variant but also ensures a very low house edge of just 0.13%.

Blackjack Switch by Playtech

If you're a Playtech software fan and love their blackjack games, then Blackjack Switch is a variant that you should be playing. As the name implies, it has a unique playing rule which allows player to swap cards from one hand to another and even though it is played on 6 decks, this twist lowers the house edge to a mere 0.16%.

Microgaming powered Vegas Strip Blackjack

Microgaming's Vegas Strip Blackjack is a popular game that is played on 4 decks of cards and features relatively liberal game play rules. When played according to sound basic strategy, the house advantage can be lowered to 0.35%.

Microgaming's Vegas Strip Blackjack ‐ This game is a 4 deck Blackjack variant and with its fairly liberal game play rules where the dealer stands on soft 17 and players are permitted to Double Down on any two cards as well as after splitting. When played according to sound basic strategy, the house advantage is a modest 0.35%.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack by Microgaming

Similar to its Vegas Strip counterpart, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack has a house edge of just 0.35%. As the name implies it is played on just one deck of cards, the dealer however hits on soft 17 but players are still able to Double Down on hands valued at nine, ten or eleven.

Microgaming's Atlantic City Blackjack

Named after the city in which it originated, Atlantic City Blackjack featured at Microgaming powered online casinos offers a 0.36% house advantage. It is played on 8 decks within shoe and features a Late Surrender option.

Pontoon at Playtech Powered Casinos

Some people do not consider Pontoon to be a Blackjack variant, but for those who do, we've included it in this line up as it offers a house edge of 0.38%. Like Atlantic City blackjack, it is played on eight decks and the rules are relatively easy to learn.

Microgaming powered Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is an interesting and entertaining variant of the game with simple rules and the benefit of extra bonus payouts which are won when players are dealt a specific combination of cards within a hand. This game is played on 8 full playing decks and has a house advantage of 0.38%.

Pontoon at Microgaming powered casinos

While Playtech's Pontoon game has a slightly lower house edge, if you're a die-hard Microgaming fan, the provider also offers a Pontoon game. It is played on eight decks and has a house advantage of 0.39%, a mere 0.01% higher than its competitor's version.

Vegas Downtown & Bonus Blackjack by Microgaming

The two variants have exactly the same rules, being played on two full decks, with the dealer hitting on Soft 17 and lower, and with players being able to Double Down on any two cards. Both games feature a 0.39% house edge.

Blackjack Surrender by Playtech

It's often appealing to have the Surrender option in a blackjack game, and this variant offers players the choice of Late Surrender. There is much debate about how valuable this rule really is, but on occasion, when played correctly and in the right instances, it can save you money. The house edge on this variant is 0.39% which doesn't make it the most sensible option, but it's still lower than some other games.

As you can see from the above, some games definitely trump others when it comes to their odds and in addition to mastering and implementing perfect strategy, game selection will also play a part in affecting your bottom line, so always do your research and choose wisely.