Respin Online Slots

Casino software providers are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to online slots and adding new features to these games to excite and entertain players. One of the latest additions to online slots has been that of the respin feature - an element that is changing the way we play slots forever.

On traditional online slots, once you've spun the reels and they've come to a halt, there is nothing more that can be done to change the outcome. For many players this has resulted in more than a few near misses where the lack of a single jackpot symbol is all that stands between them and a big win. But that has always been the nature of online slots...until now!

Introducing the Re-spin feature - which for an additional wager, gives you a second chance to spin the reel where the jackpot symbol is lacking for another shot at the prize. In these games after your first spin has been completed, re-spin buttons will appear beneath every reel, each with an individual value displayed in them. These values are the additional stake that is required by the game to allow you to re-spin a particular, individual reel while keeping all of the rest static.

The values for each reel differ based on how close you are to winning a large payout, so for example if only one jackpot symbol is required to win the top level jackpot, the cost of re-spinning that reel will be more than any others on the screen.

The re-spin feature is optional and you do not have to use it, but if you decide to do so, then all you have to do is click on the re-spin button beneath the reel of your choice and the amount specified on it will be deducted from your casino credits as the reel spins once again. Only new winning combinations resulting from the re-spin will be credited to you and thereafter fresh values based on the updated combinations will appear on the re-spin buttons.

You may re-spin the reels as often as you like, but a wager will be required for each spin. Should you not wish to re-spin, you simply click the main Spin button and all of the reels will spin simultaneously once again.

It is important to note that when playing the Microgaming powered re-spin video slots, that the values you see on the re-spin buttons are based on your current wagering criteria. Should you alter the number of paylines, coins or coin sizes then the re-spin values will be reset and you will start the game again from scratch with all other reel results being cleared.

When to use the re-spin option

A general guide to whether or not to use this feature is to evaluate if you have been awarded the equivalent to your original wager on a spin, if so, the re-spin option should not be used and it's advisable to just spin the reels as you normally would. There is however, no fool proof system or strategy to determine whether or not you should use this feature.

That said though, the re-spin values are often lower than your full bet, allowing you to spend less money to achieve a higher payout. So if the reels are on the verge of a payout it is a good option to re-spin. One high stakes player we've heard of was presented with a line of jackpot symbols with a single one missing and the re-spin value was �6000 - they opted to spin and hit the jackpot, making that high stakes wager worth every cent.

In the long run, the re-spin feature does not increase your edge over the slot machine, but it does give you the opportunity to earn in the upper end of the machine's payout rate. A word of caution too...these slots give you the illusion of some control, so make sure you wager wisely and always play only what you can afford. If you find it difficult to control yourself, consider implementing online gambling limits with the casino before you play.