Measuring returns on Online Casino Games

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No matter what online casino game you're considering playing, there are certain standard metrics that you can use to measure the likely returns on it. It is also useful to analyse the games you currently play so that you can find similar games to enjoy when you feel like trying something new.

While the metrics for measuring a games return are not precise mathematical values, they will assist you in forming a general idea of the nature of the game. Let's discuss these metrics now.

House Advantage

The first metric you should always consider is probably the most obvious and that is the casino's house edge or advantage on the game you play and the wagers you make. It is very important to differentiate between the two and examine the odds for both because some games like Craps have numerous betting options that can heavily influence the casino's house edge.

By being conscious of this fact you will be able to make the best possible bets when playing these types of games. It is always advisable to stick to casino games and bets with the lowest house edges in order to maximise your returns.


We have previously discussed the importance of variance, volatility and the expected value of casino games but it does bear mentioning once again for those who are unfamiliar with the term. Understanding the variance of a casino game and the wagers you place is very important as it indicates a game's potential for swings both in and against your favour and this will help you to ascertain how conservative you will need to be in your bankroll management strategy.

The higher the variance of the game, the more conservative you will need to be as swings will be greater and the lower the variance the more aggressively you will be able to wager as swings will on average be smaller.

Skill Element

In games of skill like blackjack and video poker a skilful player will be able to lower the house edge when playing according to sound strategy for that game. The point of considering the skill element is to determine how much skill you will need to play a game and enjoy while also ensuring reasonable returns.

If however you prefer games like slots or European Roulette, no skill is necessary as ever wager you make will carry the same house advantage no matter how to structure your bets.

As you can see, these are three very basic metrics that will better help you to understand and maximise your chances of winning on the games you play.