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Kahnawake Gaming Commission releases Player Dispute Stats

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission recently released the details of official player complaints against their online casino licensees for the 2013 period which showed remarkably low levels of player dissatisfaction and issues considering the large number of casino operators licensed by the Commission.

According to the figures, only 317 new complaints were added to the 332 outstanding cases from the 2012 year for a total of 649 complaints. Upon investigation it is reported that 86 of the new complaints were not accepted due to validity issues while 311 complaints involving Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet could not be addressed due to the seizure of Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet assets by the United States Department of Justice in April of 2011.

The remaining 252 legitimate complaints received in 2013 were follows:

  • 41 complaints about locked or closed player accounts
  • 118 pertaining to payment issues including delayed or non-payments to players, which was the source of most complaints received by the commission.
  • 37 regarding the fairness of casinos
  • 56 classified as miscellaneous.

At the end of the 2013 year, the status of these complains were as follows:

  • 18 remain pending and have been carried over to this year
  • 243 were resolved with 124 (53%) being closes as unfounded and 110 (47%) were resolved in favour of the complainant (Player) after mediation with the online casino operator/s in question.

From the figures it is evident that almost half of the complaints escalated to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission were resolved in favour of the player, which means that should an issue arise, if you have a legitimate cause for complaint and you are playing at a casino that falls into one of the legitimate and trustworthy licensing jurisdictions, you will have added assistance in getting your issue resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. So always be mindful of where the casinos you play at are licensed, online casino licensing jurisdictions often have different rules, advantages and disadvantages.