How Understanding RNG's Can Dispel Slots Myths

Superstitions and myths surround a number of casino games but none more than slots. People tend to have an innate distrust of games that function using computer programs as they believe that casinos can easily manipulate these programs to their advantage. Other players tend to make up their own theories on how slots work or follow the often flawed beliefs and advice of others.

It is therefore not difficult to understand why slot machines have so many myths surrounding them. The fact of the matter however is that if you understand how Random Number Generators (RNG's) work you'll be able to quickly identify and dispel any slots myths or misinformation that you may come across. We take a look at this here.

The Origin of Slots Outcomes

All slot machines are governed by a special program that has been designed to select numbers randomly, hence the name Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG sorts through millions and even billions of possible outcomes and numbers every millisecond. These numbers correspond to the various symbols displayed on the reels of a specific slot and this is what determines the final outcome of each spin. This means that each time you press the spin button on your favourite slot, the RNG goes to work to automatically select the result that you will see when the reels come to a halt.

So for example, every slots reel is programmed to have a certain number of stops during the game wherein it will either display a symbol or blank field. So if you play a 3 reel slot machine that has 20 stops on each reel, this would mean that it has the potential for 8000 different possible combinations. In theory, this slot would "cycle" through these possible outcomes and payouts but the reality is that due to the random nature and variance of each machine, a player probably would not see all 8000 possible outcomes for a very long time.

Random Number Generators operate using mathematical formulas called algorithms which can be audited by independent regulators and gaming control boards in order to ensure that honest and fair payouts are taking place. This ensures that both land based and online casinos cannot cheat their players.

Which Slots Myths does this dispel?

Now that you understand how RNG's operate and that slots offered by regulated and audited casinos cannot be tampered with to cheat players, let's look at the common slots myths that this information dispels.

  • Casinos alter Payout Rates at Peak Times: Some people believe that casinos are able to alter slots payout rates at peak times in order to have control over when wins occur and use this to their advantage. But as previously mentioned, licensed online casinos are audited by independent bodies to ensure honest and fair game play.
  • Payout Cycles in Slots: While slots should theoretically pay out based on a cycle, RNG's ensure randomness so efficiently that no cycles are predictable and any advice claiming this to be true should be ignored.
  • Spins can be timed to increase wins: Many players believe that if they time their spins at the right second they will be able to hit the winning symbols and walk away with more profits. While this may be a fun notion, the truth of the matter is that RNG's are computer based programs that work faster than any human ever could to time spins with consistent accuracy.
  • You should stick to one game: This notion is largely attributed to people who believe that if you play a machine and then leave it you will have "fed" it and the next person will benefit from the jackpot if you leave. The truth however is that all spins are random and independent of one another so playing the same game won't necessarily ensure that you will win and slots do not only payout when they have been "fed" a certain amount of money, so no one can ever "steal" your jackpot by simply playing after you.
  • Slots Machines can be either hot or cold: RNG's ensure randomness so no matter how hot or cold a machine may seem there is no such thing as a streak either way when playing slots. The reality is that if this phenomenon seems to occur while you are playing you are dealing with slots variance rather than any mystical hot or cold streak..