Casino Games Etiquette

If you're new to casinos or are planning to visit Las Vegas Casinos for the first time you should be aware that there are a few rules of etiquette that should be adhered to in order to be considerate of other players and avoid the scorn of the dealers and casino staff in general, making your stay and game play an entirely rewarding experience.

Here we look at a few items of etiquette that you should keep in mind whenever you visit a land based casino anywhere in the world.

Be respectful

This is the basis of all other etiquette guidelines. The casino is in charge and their staff run their games. If you are disrespectful to dealers or to players around you, yell or infringe on someone else's game they can and will ask you to calm down and if you don't comply they can remove you or call the police to have you removed as right to entry is reserved. So always be polite and respectful and you'll find that those around you will act the same.

Table Games Etiquette

Las Vegas Casinos offer a variety of table games including roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and three card poker, all of which are dealt by a house dealer and overseen by the pit boss. Here are few general rules to adhere to and we'll discuss the detailed etiquette of each game thereafter.

  • Treat the dealer and other players with respect.
  • Look for empty spots rather than just empty seats as many players play on more than one spot. Ask if a spot is open before sitting down.
  • Do not blame other players or the dealer if you lose.
  • Do not be loud and overbearing. Sure you can enjoy yourself, chat a bit if others are chatting to you, but don't be the player everyone wishes would leave.
  • Tip the dealer when you're finished playing.
  • Do not get drunk and disorderly.
  • If you're in the smoking section of a casino, do not blow smoke at others.
  • Never tell other players how to play or give unsolicited advice.

Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack is a fun and exciting game with large potential for rewards. In Las Vegas casinos you'll find find a number of blackjack variants and tables. Here is a basic guide to blackjack etiquette when playing these games:

  • Find out the rules and note the table minimum before you sit down to play or get change.
  • If you've never played before watch a few hands before jumping in to familiarise yourself with how to indicate whether you'd like to hit or stand.
  • Always wait for the end of a hand before asking for change and place your cash on the table layout between betting spots not on them as dealers are not permitted to take money from your hand.
  • To place a bet but your chips in the betting circle and do not touch them again until the hand has ended and you've been paid by the dealer.
  • If cards are dealt to you facing downwards you are able to pick them up but use only one hand.
  • If you have blackjack or wish to double or split turn the cards face up.
  • The dealer will generally arrange your cards but make sure you have your wager ready and place it close to your original bet stack on the left hand side.
  • If you have completed a hand, and are standing on 21 or below, tuck your cards under your chips and wait for the dealer.
  • If you play in a game where cards are dealt face up, do not touch them. Indicate a hit by scratching your finger towards yourself and to stand place your palm downwards and make a right to left motion.
  • When playing you may sit out a hand but it is considered poor etiquette to jump in and out of games, especially in a shoe game. At times you may see a sign that reads "no mid-shoe entry", this means that you can’t play until the next shuffle, so just be patient.
  • When exiting a game, allow the dealer to colour up, even if you're moving to another table as this prevents the Pit Boss from having to order more chips. Keep your chips neatly stacked at all times and slide them towards the dealer who will exchange them for larger denomination chips.
  • When playing you can make a wager for the dealer as a tip by placing a chip halfway inside the betting spot.
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Roulette Etiquette

Roulette is game that really draws the crowds at the casinos, here's a look at the general game play progression and accompanying etiquette for playing this game.

  • Wait until the end of a spin and until the dealer has swept the table and paid the winners before jumping in and asking for change.
  • Inform the dealer as to whether you want colour or standard casino chips ‐ ask for coloured chips if you plan to play for an extended period and make predominantly inside bets.
  • When playing give other players room. You are allowed to stack your own chips on top of another players wager but take care not to knock chips over.
  • If you can't reach a number, politely ask the dealer to place the bet for you.
  • Take care not to accidently lift other players chips from anywhere on the table ‐ this is stealing.

Craps Etiquette

Craps tables probably draw the most boisterous crowd of all at the casino but that doesn’t mean there aren't a few rules to follow:

  • Wait until the dice have been thrown before asking the dealer for change.
  • Wait your turn ‐ tables are often busy and the dealer will get to you.
  • If you want a bet made when making change tell the dealer immediately, not after getting your chips.
  • Do not crowd the shooter.
  • Do not say "seven" unless you are betting on it or the come-out roll is taking place.
  • Be aware of the various craps superstitions and don't do anything to upset the players around you, oftentimes Craps players are a superstitious bunch that you may offend easily if you are not aware of these.

Slots and Video Poker Games Etiquette

Just because these machines are electronic and game play does not take place in the social setting of the tables, doesn’t mean there aren’t some codes of conduct to stick to.

  • Do not take up multiple machines ‐ if you want to play two machines at a time that is fine but ensure that you are actually playing both simultaneously on a regular basis or give up one and let someone else play.
  • You cannot "book" machines by placing your stuff on them and disappearing for hours on end ‐ be considerate.
  • Do not lurk around a machine in an attempt to get the player playing it to leave, this can really diminish their enjoyment and that's not fair. Find another machine or return to that one later.
  • When you hit a jackpot stay at the machine and wait for the designated staff member to assist you, do not try to involve other staff in paying you.
  • If you win a hand pay, consider tipping the staff member assisting you between 1 and 2% of the win (or up to 5% if you're feeling generous).