Casino Games for Cash or Online Casino Tournaments?

If you're new to online casinos your first question is usually which casino game you should be playing and whether or not you should be playing it for cash or in an online tournament setting.

This is a relevant question but one that is not always very easy to answer as playing casino games for cash and playing in a tournament setting each have their pros and cons. Here we'll take a look at the difference between these two ways of playing so that you can determine which scenario will be best suited to you.

That said there are generally 4 factors to consider when comparing cash games and tournaments:

1. Building your Bankroll

If you're playing casino games to build your bankroll then online casino tournament trump playing for cash hands down. This is due to the fact that the only money you stand to lose when playing tournaments is your buy-in. In a tournament your bankroll also tends to last longer as you focus on a single game instead of playing multi-hand versions. You also get more game play for your money whereas with cash games you'll tend to lose more and have to reload your bankroll in order to continue playing.

2. The Earnings Ceiling

When it comes to tournaments, the prize money up for grabs is often exceptionally generous, which makes on think that they are the best way to make money when playing online. That said though, only a few lucky players end up in the winner's circle on the Leaderboard, and even if you do end up a winner, there is a limit to what you can walk away with.

Cash games on the other hand, have no limit on earnings and if you can become a skilled player in games like blackjack and video poker, your earnings potential is limitless.

3. Convenience

When it comes to convenience, playing casino games for cash is way more convenient. This is because you can play at any time of day or night, for as long as you want to whenever the mood strikes you. You are also free to get up, leave a game, make dinner, go to the bathroom or really do anything you need to in between.

Tournaments on the other hand run according to fixed schedules determined by casinos. You also have to set aside a predetermined amount of time to participate in these. Depending on the game and type of tournament you are participating in, these can take anything from 30 to 60 minutes at a time or as much for each round and you are not able to leave these games if you are looking to end up in the winning places.

4. Improving your Game Strategy and Skill

If you're looking to improve your game strategy and skill then as much as we hate to admit it, tournaments are not the place to do it. They are more for putting all that you've learned into practice and tournament strategy will often differ significantly from cash game strategy as you have to be aware of added factors such as your position on the Leaderboard and either advancing or defending it. This will change your game play strategy completely.

Playing casino games for cash if therefore the best way to learn sound strategy and improve your skills. You can practice the same move over and over without having to worry about losing to competitors in a tournament.

As you can see, whether you play casino games for cash or participate in online tournaments all depends where you are as a player and what you are looking to achieve.

If tournaments are your thing, then put your skills to the test and play in an online blackjack tournament.