Types of Roulette

Titan Bet Roulette

There are two main variations of Roulette offered at casinos, namely European and American Roulette and while they look the same there is a key difference between them that makes one so much better than the other. There are also a number of lesser known games which some casinos feature, and while most of the rules stay the same across the Roulette tables, there are distinguishing characteristics for each

American Roulette

From the name you would think that this game was invented in America, but click here to find out if it is really American Roulette.

This is the game most frequently offered by casinos. The quickest way to recognise it is by looking at the wheel which is configured with consecutive numbers across from each other and an additional section marked with double zero "00" on it which European Roulette does not have.

What difference does this make you may ask, and the answer would be quite a lot...in fact the presence of the double zero makes the odds on each number 35 to 1. Payout rates will also depend on whether the player places single bets (red, black, even, odd, passe, or manque), double bets (12's or columns), or numbers bets from 1-5. Should the ball fall into the 0 or the 00, only the winning bets on these numbers will be paid.

European Roulette

This game is very similar to American Roulette, with the exception that the wheel is configured differently and features a single zero, instead of the additional double zero. This small point cuts the house edge from 5.26% to 2.63% on these games, making European Roulette the best of the two games to play on at a casino.

European Roulette is offered more frequently by online casinos than by their land based counterparts which is a real advantage for the online player. So if you're aiming to win your bets, play European Roulette.