Play Roulette with Free Casino Chips

Roulette is an exceptionally exciting game and even more so when you are able to play it with free chips which are available at casinos across the net. There is nothing like getting extended game play and chances to win compliments of a casino. The important thing to remember though is to always read the associated terms and conditions of these offers and to always play at reputable casinos like those recommended on our site. Below are the casinos which we feel stand out in terms of their free chips offering on Roulette.

Casino Club

Free Roulette Chips

Boss Media powered Casino Club provides Players with realistic and exciting casino games. It's no wonder they have amassed such a huge and loyal following of Players. You can test the tables at Casino Club with free chips before downloading the software and registering a Playfor Real account. While you're enjoying the free roulette games, you can chat with real Casino Club Players who can fill you in on all the perks you can expect to receive when you sign up and Play for Real. Casino Club's "plush and hush" atmosphere; the engaging old-world charm of its ambiance; and its top-notch security features are a few other reasons why Players have chosen to vote for Casino Club 5 times in a row.

Casino Club offers a host of special features when you play the game of Roulette:

  • Up to four players can join a table
  • Players can chat with each other
  • You may select a private table to play alone, or select the players who you would like to join you
  • Table betting limits: 1 - 1,000 euros, 5 - 5,000 euros, and 10 - 10,000 euros
  • Higher maximum bets at the tables (see Betting limits)
  • You can select the maximum allotted betting time: 30, 45, or 90 seconds
  • You can observe a game without joining
  • Announce and neighbour bets selection

After you download and install the award-winning software and head over to the Roulette table to play, you will need to know how to use your mouse to make wagers and play the game. Your left mouse button is used to click on the value of the chip that you wish to wager. To place the chip on the roulette table, simply click on the desired betting area. To remove a chip, simply click on the chip with your right mouse button. Press the Spin button to end the betting and activate the roulette wheel. The wheel will also begin to spin when the allotted time limit has expired. A clock at the top of the window will aleart you as to how much time you have left to make your bet.

In addition to the regular Inside and Outside Roulette Bets, you may also place Announce Bets and Neighbour Bets.


Free Roulette Chips
Roulette at Betsson is every Roulette lover's fantasy and Betsson makes this fantasy an exciting reality. Download, Java, and Flash versions are at your fingertips. Login to the casino; take a seat at one of the brightly coloured tables, place a bet and win with your lucky number. And all of this action can happen with Free Chips! Doesn't get much sweeter than this.

If you decide to play with real money chips, there are a few things you will need to know. When you take your place at the table, you will need to select your chip value. You can do this by either using the arrow keys or clicking directly on the appropriate chip. Once the chip value is selected, click on the area of the roulette table where you would like your bet placed. If you click more than once in the same area, this means you intend to place more than one bet in that area. You can pick up chips by right clicking the mouse. Each right-click removes one chip.

There is a maximum bet of 500 euros per round. Below are the maximum bets for each bet type:

  • Straight Bet: 10 euros
  • Split Bet: 20 euros
  • Corner Bet: 40 euros
  • Line Bet: 30 euros
  • Six Number Bet: 60 euros
  • Column Bets and 12 Number Bets: 200 euros
  • Outside Bets and all other bets: 500 euros

Payouts are visible when you move the cursor over the table. To view specific payouts, place the cursor directly over the desired chips.

The "Spin" button spins the wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the winning number will be displayed in the upper left-hand corner above the chips. The "Same Bet" feature allows you to place the exact bet as in the previous game. The same numbers and same bet amounts will be displayed or you may add chips on the table and spin again. The "Discard All" feature clears the table of all bets.

Winning amounts are shown below the table. Winning amounts are determined by bets placed and the odds related to their placement on the roulette table.

Discover for yourself what the buzz is over at Bettson Casino today!

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